The Library is situated on the third floor inside the Academic Block of SESERI. It is consisted of two portions; one is the reading section and the other is the bookshelves. The library is small but can accomodate 2 classes, in about 60 people. 

The library has many sections

1. The Counter-for your borrowing and lending needs
2. Working Area- the library teacher and staff's working tables and the automation system
3. Reading tables
4. Access Centre-comprised of 10 sets of computers for students to do their work

Another extension of the library is the Media Room which has Astro TV and TV set. The Media Room is located next to the school hall on the ground floor.


The library started in 2003, at the same time when the school was founded. It has been slowly built and now it has over 4,000 books.


In Libris Libertas
-(latin) In Books There's Freedom

meaning: the are many benefits of reading and reading makes us free people who is unstoppable

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